Since I could not understand the words, I’m basing this review solely on animation and scenery-which are both plentiful. The movie opens up in the cockpit where two americans scream as the plane crashes-a nice but overly done opening to a movie. As they die (as there is no more American speaking I assumed the pilots died), the passengers get out and realize just what trouble they’re in. Watch the splendid animation as the dinosaur throws the man into the air, catches him by one foot, and commences to eat him-good stuff. Along with the violence-there is some swearing, but it’s hard to make it out with all of the dialogue going on at once. Just be careful around the kiddies. Even without voices-you get a great sense of what is going on. The scenery helps out a lot. They crash in a jungle and are tracked into a native camp by a lumbering dinosaur. The natives have a very fast talk-it’s funny as they run around. With scenery-watch the part where a minifig falls down into a shaft inhabited by a crocodile. The fig holds onto a branch as the camera pans down into a large vertical shaft pock-marked with vegetation. Nice use of the camera to accentuate the depth of the chasm. With all of the humor (watch the humanburger scene) violence, and good scenery this is a fun watch.

Director: Tjeerd Kamps