A (Very) Brief History of the Bushranger ‘Ned Kelly’

AMy winning entry for the 2002 Brickfilms Historical Fiction Comp, and a film that has never been in the main directory!
This was the second film I ever released to the public, and the primative animation techniques and dodgy real world colours (evil CMOS webcam) certainly look dated compared to more recent films of mine.

I warmed up for this film by making NK2020 which covers a similar character, but placed in a possible future (it also may give some of you an idea of where having NK in every film of mine came from). I learned some great skills that I transfered to this film. I would have loved to have a walking tutorial at the time though!

Just a note for new viewers, the strange heads are there for a reason. Check out the paintings in the film (or the original review by Jason, below).

I hope you enjoy a classic tale from Australian history!
Author: hali