Hit & Run

HitThis film gained second place in the APE (A Peculiar Event) competition and it has turned out to be a film that I am particularly proud of. The only thing I wish I had done was to have planned my time more carefully in order to put just a little more work into it.

This film was conceived as an experiment in narrative in order to try to tread new storytelling ground within the brickfilms realm. I think I succeeded. By no means is this a film to be viewed just once. It is constucted to reveal more with each viewing, and hopefully the more you put in as a viewer, the more you will receive.

I will say one thing: As always, film titles are important to me, but when I had decided upon the order and presentation of the title sequence of this film, as well as the order and presentation of the narrative, I knew it had to be made.

Put your thinking cap on, sit back, and enjoy…
Author: hali