Prisoner John Strikes Back

PrisonerFirst things first: WARNING, MAY OFFEND!

Prisoner John, a dirty thief and cold-blooded killer, gets out of jail not having learned his lesson and tries to hijack a train. The only problem is his arch-nemesis Sheriff Bill has a few tricks up his sleeve and will stop at nothing to foil his plans!

The Prisoner John series is something I started making a while ago. The way it goes is basically that I emptied my box of LEGOs on the floor, looked at what I had, and made up a story. This is the second installment in the series, but all you need to know is that there’s a bad guy (Prisoner John) and a good guy (Sheriff Bill). The good guy has a sidekick (Sidekick Al), which is an alligator.

Even though this is officially the second Prisoner John movie, it’s also kind of the first one too because it’s the first to have dialogue and music and really slick shots. A lot of the dialogue was improvised when we were recording and I think that’s why it’s so funny (well, to me at least).
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