SS-5 Moccasin **special edition**

A movie dedicated to John Holland, inventor of the modern submarine. This movie takes you to 1903, where a crew of 7 members fights for their life beneth the surface. This original plot makes it the first Lego animation onboard a submarine. A must to see.
I think that this is a good trademark to what Titan Pictures was capable of, within three weeks I’ve been able to create one of the very most original movies of my own.

The story is short but it draws you in to the whole, the sets are claustrofobic and convincing, the tension is high and the sound and music are detailed.
The version you see here, is a remastered, recut and extented with never before seen footage. The sound fx is fully optimized to make it more organic so you get the feeling like you’re right in the middle of the action.

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