Stupid Medieval Movie

StupidI was on MSN, talking to someone I know, when we connected on webcam. However it was standig by my castle set for Rumplestiltskin. I decided to ask him about camera angles, if they looked cool and such, when I got a great angle. I decided to make a movie with that angle, because you couldn’t just get that angle right after a second time… Anyway, it is kind of weird, and don’t forget I probably spent a little more than 5 hours with breaks.

It is, unlike my previous movies, filmed with the Logitech QuickCam 4000. It is at a framerate of 15 fps, and made with SMA and WMM2, I thought ya would just like to know.

In the castle of Sir Ecalg-Emerc ( who is for once played by Jeroen Willemse ) evrything is quiet and peacefull, until an unwanted animal appears and the king fears the …. animal.
Author: Willemse Productions