The Playground Bully

TheThis film was my entry in the Brickfilms Words of Wisdom contest. I tried to think of an idea for an entry, but nothing came to me. I had this idea about a bully and a playground that I’d been kicking around, but I hadn’t gotten around to filming it yet. The deadline was getting closer, and closer, and I still hadn’t thought of anything.

One day it hit me: why not use my playground idea for the contest. I went through a few different “words of wisdom” before I finally decided on one that would fit the movie. I only had about a week and a half before the deadline to animate the film. Filming went very slowly until the weekend before the contest. I was afraid that I would not finish it on time, so I animated about half of it in two days. After a few snags in post production, I finally finished the movie. I’m very happy with the finished film. I hope you enjoy it.
Author: Motfilms