The Usher Remix: Let It Burn (crispy cheeser?)

The“that…. was funny beyond all reason!” – Bluntman

“OK, I hate Usher, but visually, it was perfect. ” – kluf

“that was really great” – quakefilmdave

“Not a recommended source of new animation.” – Film Brain

“Raddest.Remix.EVER.” -KG

So we were making the adventures of crispy cheeser, and I says to barker, “yeah this movie is ok, but it would be 3-4 times radder if it turned into a music video for usher (which I guess was belabouring the obvious)”, and barker turns to me and goes “yeah, I’d like to see you… TRY!”

It’s gonna burn for me to say this,
a.k.a. fun with post

(over 3% new animation!!!! OH NO!)

-barker and jer
Author: Jer-