When creating your Brickfilm, treat it as if you would writing a treatment for any other idea you have for a movie. With Brickfilms gaining in popularity, there are more and more people making them. You can set your project aside with having a well polished story and that is why starting out with a written treatment is such a good idea.

After you come up with an idea for your next blockbuster Brickfilm, it is time to write a treatment. A treatment is more detailed than an outline and is written in story form. The only difference is that a treatment is wrote in present time and describes events as they happen.

Re- shooting animation is more difficult than live action so it is important to do as much preproduction as possible. Having a tight story will help develop setting and the characters. The more you know about your story, the smoother the animating process goes.

It’s a nice sunny day. GREG M. has his headphones in while he mows the lawn. There is a small tree and flowers in the yard. He rides back and forth on the mower listening to his favorite song. Over the hum of the engine and GREG singing, there is the sound of birds wildly chirping. The two birds JULIAN and TOMMY. They are high up in a birdhouse that overlooks the lawn.

The sound of the mower is softer from where JULIAN and TOMMY are sitting. They stare down at MIKE. The two begin to reminisce about the old tree they lived in. “Can you believe they planted this skinny post in place of that tree? I mean where are the branches and leaves? It’s no place to raise a family, that’s for sure.” JULIAN and TOMMY remember how the old tree was a better place to live. GREG M. cut down the tree earlier in the summer and planted a new, smaller tree in its place.

MIKE is still in his own world. He’s so into the music that he starts singing along.

JULIAN and TOMMY can’t believe the kind of music that people listen to. They hear birds off in the distance and remark on how beautiful they sound. Below them, GREG M. about runs into the flowers below the tree. “Do you remember when Mrs. M. planted those? “ Mike says. “Of course. She’s been out here everyday taking care of those little things. She loves those.”

MIKE continues mowing. JULIAN snaps because of how much he hates the wood they chose to use. “I mean it’s synthetic!” he yells. They sit and watch GREG M. mow when JULIAN gets an idea. “Stay right here,” he says and jumps from the tree.

UILAN flies towards GREG M. and knocks the hat off his head. He swoops back down again and knock the glasses off GREG M.’s face. Without his glasses GREG is blinded by the sun and mows over the flowers.

The two birds laugh.

Down in the grass, TERRY the caterpillar sits next to a broken petal. The flower he lived on in in shambles. “Someone is going to have to pay,” he says. “I mean who messes with someone’s home?”