“Mission Assembled” Lego superhero move

I made this Lego stop motion movie as a surprise for my son’s eighth birthday party. It was done using Lego bricks and minifigures–mostly superheroes from his Marvel and DC collection (with a few from Star Wars sets thrown in for fun). When I initially wrote out the loose “script”, I had no idea what I was getting myself into or how much time it would take. I certainly didn’t expect to get a 21-minute movie out of it.

This was my first stop motion project; start-to-finish took a little over a month of late nights, after work, to build, shoot, edit and add in all of the voices and sound. Photos were captured with my Sony Alpha DLSR camera using a Sony 18-250 lens. The movie was edited using Sony’s Vegas Movie Studio and Sony’s SoundForge for audio. (So, special thanks to Sony!) The final essential element was a regular supply of Stone Brewery’s ‘Pale Ale’.

It was lots of fun and certainly a learning experience. If I ever get around to doing another one, I hope to improve on the technical flaws but, let’s face it, perfection wasn’t the point — making a cool movie for my son was what kept me going. Enjoy!

Created By: Jonathan