Fray Round 2

Sep 26, 2013 at 2:45 pm in Action by Gash Dusen

Round 2 – Capture the Flag

There’s a few glitches that happened in YouTube transition; most notably in the intro and outro.

This is the biggest video I’ve created so far! It’s also the longest!

If you are wondering why they keep reappearing after they were obviously killed in some terrible way, it’s because they are respawning. Think of Team Fortress 2 or Halo or most typical multiplayer fps videogames.


-Created by: Gash Dusen
-Voice-acting: Gash Dusen
-Camera: Logitech Webcam Pro 9000
-Recording Program: MonkeyJam
-Video Program: VideoPad
-Photo Editor: Gimp
-Audio Editor: Audacity
-Computer: Windows 7
-Sound Effects: Various Places on the Internet,,, custom
-Music: Firebrand (Kevin Macleod)
-Total Photos: 2013 (I’m not kidding)
-Running Time: 5:23

Created By: Gash Dusen

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