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There are thousand of brickfilms that have been created over the years. Even before this website’s inception in 2000 people were still animating using their LEGO bricks. However with age somethings disappear, at least from our minds, if not physically. This is rapidly happening with brickfilms. As a result the Brickfilms Wiki has been set up to make sure some the most notable brickfilms are  [read more →]

tutorial custom cappuccino machine chrome

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music stop motion video.

Created By: Living Rave


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The rules for Brickfilms are not hard and fast and techniques and ideas change frequently. The mission of this website is to serve as a platform for all Brickfilm makers, beginners to experts. It is not only our goal to provide information on the production and technical aspects of Brickfilms, but to create excitement about Brickfilming. With all the information on this site, all you  [read more →]

What is it

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Stop motion films have been around for many years, and have gone by many different names as craft and technology have evolved. However, in more recent years stop motion has become more popular because of its accessibility. Less expensive cameras and software have made stop motion production available to anyone. Thanks to YouTube and the internet; there’s an instant worldwide showcase for video work.

The popularity  [