Jay Silver – by Jason — Jason interviews Jay Silver, considered to be one of the early brickfilmers. His dedication to production values and high quality of his work command the respect and awe of many.

Tim Drange and Tony Mines – by Jason — Jason interviews Tim Drange and Tony Mines of Spite Your Face Productions, professional animators who were hired by the one and only LEGO Company to show off their LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Spiderman sets.

James Maduzia – by Kyle Prohaska — Kyle Prohaska interviews James Maduzia, the creator of the film The Letter and Zero Gravity Rebellion. Though these are the only two brickfilms James ever made, they are both considered classics today.

Marc Atkin – by Jason — Jason interviews Marc Atkin, the director of 2001: A LEGO Odyssey, a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s work of similar name. It is now considered one of the classics of brickfilming.

Egoless – by Jason — Jason interviews Ben of Egoless Productions, an animator who produced some very polished religiously-themed brickfilms.

4096 – by Kyle Prohaska — Kyle Prohaska inteviews 4096, the creator of Rocketmen vs. Robots, one of the better well-known CGI brickfilm series.