What are Bricks?
Bricks are a rewards system where you can earn points for your normal activity on

What are the bricks good for?
Bricks are currently in Beta testing. Once we have fine tuned the point values and analyzed usage we will be able to setup a rewards system. We have some ideas, but all we can say for now is it will be cool.

Where can I see my point totals?
There are several paces to view your totals. They are displayed in the sidebar next to your name and avatar. You can view the total at the top of this page (must be logged in). For a in depth view and a point log you can go to: My Account > Points > My Points.

Where can a view a list of the Brick Leaders?
Below you can view a list of the Top 10 Brick Leaders. In the sidebar there is also a list of the Top 10 Brick Leaders. (Some IQ Staff are not included on the list.

Here are some of the things you can do to earn bricks:

    Daily Login

    Commenting on a Article

    Group Creation

    Joining a Group

    Posting a Update

    Replying to a Update

    Completed Friend Request

    New Discussion Topic

    Discussion Post/Reply

    Submitting a Link

    Voting for a Link

    Commenting on a Link

    Uploading Avatar

    Sending a Message

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