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Lego Frank & Joe – The body

Aug 18, 2014 at 6:40 am in Comedy by zjrproductions48 · Comments are closed.

Joe comes home to see that Frank has “found” a dead body, and they have to get rid of it before their enemies find them.

Created By: Zjrproductions48

Seaweed shore part 1

at 6:34 am in Comedy by EpicBrickFilmsProductions · Comments are closed.


Created By: Joe Manton

Avatar of Lucas

by Lucas

NeverGreen: Season 1 – Ep.1: The First Day Of School!

at 6:31 am in Comedy by Lucas · Comments are closed.

The first episode of my own lego sitcom parodying my own life. I’m not a very experienced animator so go easy

Created By: Lucas

Iron-like Irony Competition Brickfilm

at 6:30 am in Comedy by RoboBrains · Comments are closed.

A father-son team entered a traditional 48 hour film competition, but submitted a Brickfilm. They were assigned Dark Comedy.

Created By: RoboBrains

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by K-daz


Aug 10, 2014 at 5:39 pm in Comedy by K-daz · Comments are closed.

That guy shouldn’t read that much newspapers…

Please ignore the exposition problem I’ve had at the end of the video,
I tried everything to fix it but it did not work. :/
Check out the making-of:

Created By: K-daz

LEGO Simpsons Minifigures Series Complete

at 5:32 pm in Comedy by Eric Bricks · Comments are closed.

I Have Finally Completed The Lego Simpson Minifigure Series

Created By: Eric Bricks

Chris and Matt Episode 2: Mr.Q

at 5:31 pm in Comedy by Pancakeplanetproductions · Comments are closed.

This is the 2nd episode of the Chris and Matt Series. Go to my channel to see episode 1!

Created By: Pancakeplanetproductions

The Other Clone – Lego Star Wats

at 5:29 pm in Comedy by Onecras Films · Comments are closed.

Here is my latest film that I have been working on! Remember to never judge a clone by his helmet. Feedback is appreciated!

Created By: Onecras Films

Chris and Matt Episode 1:Commercial Tryout

Aug 3, 2014 at 1:23 pm in Comedy by Pancakeplanetproductions · Comments are closed.

The first episode to many of Chris and Matt.

Created By: Pancakeplanetproductions

Lego Star Wars The Lost Lottery Ticket

at 1:22 pm in Comedy by Soap Fabrick · Comments are closed.

The death star TIE – fighter pilot dropped his winning lottery ticket in the fighter’s cockpit, so he made the imperial droid to find it. But clumsy droid deconstructed all the fighter while the searches. Unfortunatly, in this very moment rebel forces have attacked the death star…

Created By: Soap Fabrick