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Dec 22, 2013 at 4:40 pm in Action by Luke · Leave a Comment »

Lego Astronaut

One small step for lego one giant leap for lego kind

Created By: HelplessDread33

Lego iron santa

at 4:28 pm in Action by Karhufilm · Leave a Comment »

Lego Iron Santa

iron santa is best superhero ever

Created By: karhufilm

LEGO Super Heroes – Hulk Smash!

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LEGO Super Heroes - Hulk Smash!

In the second episode of the LEGO Super Heroes series entitled Hulk Smash! all members of the villainous group called the Dark Lords are revealed. Doc Ock and Dr Doom, accompanied by Magneto and Loki, are after the Cosmic Cube, which is hidden at the newly rebuilt Vault. Venom, Beetle and an army of doombots, led by Doc Ock, are thwarted in their attempt to  [read more →]

LEGO Apocalypse- Episode 02

at 12:28 pm in Action by MrRenamation · Leave a Comment »

LEGO Apocalypse- Episode 02

A stop motion about the end of the world

Created By: MrRenamation

Lego Minecraft: Stop Motion Part 1

at 11:18 am in Action by TheCrakedApple · Leave a Comment »

Lego Minecraft Stop Motion Part 1

Part 1 of my Lego Minecraft series

Created By: TheCrakedApple

LEGO Man of Steel

at 11:13 am in Action by Joshua Sutlive · Leave a Comment »

LEGO Man of Steel

A short film I made based on the Man of Steel movie that came out this summer. Enjoy!

Created By: Joshua Sutlive

First day of war

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First day of war (english sub)

The final lego film of my ww2 story – border guards fights fascists during the first day of war.

Created By: crazymotion


Dec 21, 2013 at 5:14 pm in Action by Azmonder · Leave a Comment »


Inspired by Freddiew’s “Alarmageddon” video.

Created By: Azmonder

Stormtroopers and Cybermen

at 3:37 pm in Action by Josh Nicholson · Leave a Comment »

Stormtroopers and Cybermen

A battle for the ages between the Star Wars villain and the Doctor Who villain

Created By: Josh Nicholson

Lego Westward

at 3:32 pm in Action by vivorproductions · Leave a Comment »

Lego Westward

Based on a short story I wrote for English class.

Created By: vivorproductions