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Beach holidays

Nov 3, 2014 at 6:19 am in Comedy by Manuel Muttarini · Comments are closed.

Beach holidays, bad luck ruin a relaxing holiday

Created By: Manuel Muttarini Lion Studios

Supernatural (May 2013)

Oct 31, 2014 at 9:11 am in Comedy by SamsBrickLab · Comments are closed.

A supernatural encounter in a haunted house.

Created By: SamsBrickLab

Lego Winter Festival

at 9:10 am in Comedy by Spencer Animations · Comments are closed.

Joe has been cheating kids in this funny Lego stop motion video.
I do not own the music by Kevin Macleod Scheming Weasel and Ninjago Weekend Whip by the Fold. Thank you! God bless! Please Like, Comment, Subscribe and Share with your friends!

Created By: Spencer Animations

Lego Tennis Match From The Brick Open (New Version)

at 8:09 am in Comedy by Spencer Animations · Comments are closed.

This is an updated and new version of the Lego tennis match from the Brick Open. I do not own ESPN Roland Garros music. Thank you! Please Like, Comment, and Subscribe!

Created By: Spencer Animations

Film Failures (August 2013)

at 8:07 am in Comedy by SamsBrickLab · Comments are closed.

Because Chase McCain can do whatever he wants.

Created By: SamsBrickLab

Avatar of Manu

by Manu

Starwars: Getting disturbed while sabering

at 8:06 am in Comedy by Manu · Comments are closed.

Han Solo is practising with his light saber when suddently is disturbed by someone…

Created By: Manu

The Soccer Ball

at 7:47 am in Comedy by Trailogy · Comments are closed.

A boy tries to get a soccer ball that doesn’t move.

Created By: trailogy

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by Hugo

If I was a Stormtrooper

Oct 20, 2014 at 5:40 pm in Comedy by Hugo · Comments are closed.

Rod, a clumsy young man, will maybe be tempted by joining the Empire’s shock troups …

Created By: MetHLegoProd.

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by Xander

Jesus is a friend of Mine

at 4:28 pm in Comedy by Xander · Comments are closed.

Jesus catches a performance of Sonseeds song ‘Jesus is my Friend’ and isn’t impressed………

Created By: Lack of Sleep Productions

Defenestration (November 2012)

at 4:26 pm in Comedy by SamsBrickLab · Comments are closed.

How one minifig avoids the election.

Created By: SamsBrickLab