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Jun 30, 2014 at 8:14 am in Comedy by Azmonder · Comments are closed.

People read different ways.

Created By: Azmonder

Phil’s New Car

at 7:44 am in Comedy by Fishbowlbob · Comments are closed.

Phil buys a new car, but his friend Bob isn’t too crazy about the idea…..

Created By: Fishbowlbob


at 7:43 am in Comedy by Talipoli Studios · Comments are closed.

This is a humorous video about aristocratic superheroes.

Created By: Talipoli Studios

Lego Star Wars – Epic Battle

at 7:31 am in Comedy by Onecras Films · Comments are closed.

An epic battle between the drones and the clones!

Created By: Onecras Films

The Safety Rules of Jousting

Jun 24, 2014 at 4:33 pm in Comedy by M.Banbury · Comments are closed.

My daughter’s school project. A humorous take on the safety rules of a jousting match using brick animation.

Created By: M. Banbury

Avatar of Asa

by Asa

Lego Spider Chase! A Viking animation

at 4:32 pm in Comedy by Asa · Comments are closed.

What would Happen if a Giant Spider started chasing you? Find out lego style in this funny short stop motion film.

Created By: Daily Noms

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by Perry

Shuff Smash: Mixels short #1

at 4:31 pm in Comedy by Perry · Comments are closed.

Shuff takes care of an annoying Nixel

Created By: Perry’s Hotter

The Safety Rules of Jousting

at 4:44 am in Comedy by M.Banbury · Comments are closed.

A humorous look at jousting through brick animation.

Created By: M. Banbury

LEGO 30225 Coast Guard Seaplane

Jun 9, 2014 at 4:46 pm in Comedy by DeafpilotboyTV · Comments are closed.

Coast Guard Seaplane

LEGO 30225 Coast Guard Seaplane

Created By: DeafpilotboyTV

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by Matt

LEGO Star Wars: Stormtroopers & The Black Door

at 4:42 pm in Comedy by Matt · Comments are closed.

Stormtroopers & The Black Door

Two Stormtroopers have to guard a big, giant, black door but their curiosity gets the best of them. Trust me, you don’t want to see the other side of door. It will scar you forever.

Created By: Matt Good