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The Forums of have archived over 100,000 messages posted by its members. Searching the forums for previous discussions which might cover a topic in which you are interested (or provide an answer to a question you may have), is one of the quickest ways to acquire the information you need.

The first entry in the form is in the “Search for Keywords:” field. If the term you enter into this field is overly general then you will run the risk of receiving too many matches. You can use the “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT” keywords to narrow the scope of your search. Searching for the word “camera” in posts, as an example, returns 3400+ matches; while searching for “Canon AND camera” returns just over 75. You can also use the “*” (asterisk) as a wildcard for partial matches.
The second entry in the form is in the “Search for Author:” field. If you remember that, for example, RevMen made some posts about chroma-keying cloth and want to find out where those comments are in the forums, enter “RevMen” into this field to limit the search to only his posts. You can, again, use the asterisk to find partial matches to the username. Leaving this field empty results in all users’ posts being searched.
After the first two entries on the form, there are several options available to limit your search further and to specify the format of the results. You can specify:

  • What forum you wish to be searched.
  • Where within the post to search:
    • Search topic title and message text
    • Search message text only
    • Search topic title only
  • How to sort your results (ascending or descending order of):
    • Post time
    • Post title
    • Topic
    • Author
    • Forum
  • Whether to display only the Topics in which the search term appears or to display the post itself.