DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) is a optical disc which can hold large amounts of data. It is most commonly used to store large, high quality video.
To write a DVD, you will need a DVD writer on your system and software to convert a movie into the DVD format. See the various software pages for software.

DVDs contain a menu structure and video encoded using an MPEG-2 DVD codec stored in an MPEG-2 PS container. As seen from a computer, the file extension is “.vob”, but it is obviously more common to use a DVD player.

The MPEG-2 format used on DVDs is covered by patents; it is necessary to obtain additional licensing for the commercial use of this format. For example, the Brickfilms HAT and HAV DVDs require about three cents (US$) per DVD for use of the format. The licensing and payment is typically handled by the DVD duplication service, the cost being passed on to Brickfilms customers.

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