Getting Around

Getting Around

Getting Around has several forums where visitors can view posts made by Brickfilms’ members.

  • FAQ Forum – Frequently Asked Questions for your brickfilming needs.
  • General Brickfilming – Brickfilming! Discuss animation, festivals, contests, plastic building bricks, movies, etc. A friendly community forum. Newbies welcome!
  • Post and Review Films – Post your films here, and review or talk about the same. Please be aware that films posted here will NOT be automatically added to the film directory. For instructions on how to do this, see the main site.
  • Animation and Effects – A forum to discuss animation techniques, special effects, lighting, set building, and anything else related
  • Hardware and Software – Questions and answers about filming and capture software, hardware and cameras, etc. Technical talk for the most part.
  • Music, Sound Effects, and Voice Acting – Share music that you’ve created or found, organize casts of voice actors, get help with foley, or discuss anything else relating to the sound portion of film in this forum.
  • Community – This is the place to carry on all of your non filming related conversations. An excellent chance to find out who your fellow brickfilmers really are!
  • Site Feedback – Discuss site issues and provide suggestions for new features here.
  • Announcements and Rules – Check here for announcements about these forums as well as the Terms of Service and rules you agree to follow by posting here.
  • Contests and Film Festivals (locked) – Come here for information about the latests contests, both inside and outside of, or to find out about recent or upcoming film festivals.

Chat Room:The Brickfilms Chat is where you discuss topics with fellow brickfilmers. You can come here to get to know your Brickfilming Community. It is available only if you’re a registered member, and links can be found at the top and bottom of the forums.

"The Chat Window." This is where all the talking takes place. Anything that the chat participants type will appear here (unless of course you have ignored them).

"The Text Input Field." This is where you type in messages to be displayed in the chat. Typing something in this field and pressing the "enter" key will add the text to the chat.

"The Chat Participants List." This is where all the current users participating in the chat are listed. Users with smilies next to their name have a special status such as "Away", "Ignored", or "Moderator".

"Copy to Clipboard." Clicking this button will open up a seperate window containing the HTML code for whatever is in the Chat Window at the time you click the button. Saving the page as a ".html" file will allow you to view the chat contents via your browser any time you want.

"Auto Scroll to End." Selecting this check-box will allow the Chat Window to automatically scroll to the most recent message. In a similar fashion, deselecting this check-box will allow you to view previous messages without the chat scrolling down while you read.

"Smilies." A small selection of smilies that you can use in the chat. To add a smilie to your message you can (a) click the smilie that you want from the selection and it’s text equivalent at the end of the message (the actual image will appear in the Chat Window however) or (b) you can simply type the text equivalent (again, the actual image will appear in the Chat Window).

"Away." Selecting this check-box will change your status to "away" as well as place a grey "away" smilie. The "away" feature can also be accessed by typing "/away" in the Text Input Field. To come "back" simply enter a message.

“Sounds.” Selecting this check-box will enable sound to be played when:

  • -Someone becomes “away”
  • -Someone comes “back”
  • -Someone joins the Chat
  • -Someone leaves the Chat

"Ignore/unignore." Selecting a person in the Chat Participants List and then pressing this button will make the selected user "ignored" meaning that you will no longer see their messages in the Chat Window. This feature can also be accessed by typing "/ignore" and then the person’s user name in the Text Input Field. To unignore the user, select their name from the Chat Participants List and press the button.

"Private." Selecting a person in the Chat Participants List and then pressing this button will make open up a seperate Chat Window in which you and the selected user can talk without the other chat participants reading your conversation.

Resources Page:

  • Tech Guides – HOWTO manuals on many brickfilming activities.
  • Articles – Non-tutorial write-ups that discuss different aspects of brickfilming activities.
  • Editorials – “Opinionated” write-ups of brickfilming concerns and events.
  • Interviews – Transcripts of interviews with some important figures in the field of brickfilming.
  • Useful Software – Information about animation software available to brickfilmers (some of it “free of charge”).
  • Links to Other useful sites –
  • Brickfilms Sound Library –
  • The Brickfilms FAQ – Quick link to the FAQ Forum.

The Brickfilms Encyclopedia:This is where you can post information to help other brickfilmers at a faster rate than the Forums and the content is always accessible to members!