The web contains many resources for filmmakers such as stock sound effects, music, images. These may often be included into a film but are usually covered by copyright and subject to various licensing terms which must be understood prior to use within a film.

  • Sounds
  • Music
  • Sheet Music
  • Stock Images
  • Stock Footage
  • Web Space for Images
  • Web Space for Films


  • The Brickfilms Sound Library – A collection of free music and sound effects contributed by members.
  • Sound Dogs – A free, massive libary of sound effects that many people can use. Searchable by category.
  • Find Sounds – A sound effects search engine for locating sounds on the Internet.
  • Soundstorm Sound Effects Library – Here you can explore and purchase Sounds from Oscar winning Hollywood sound effects designers, Soundstorm, the award winning sound editorial house.
  • Bargus Sound Library – A great sound effects website devoted to filmmakers. Bargus offers a service which allows other filmmakers to request sound clips to be recorded for free and added to their Sound Library…they can then download the clips and use them in their films!
  • The Freesound Project – A collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds.
  • The Brickfilms Voice Library – An ever growing collection of voice actors.


    Unless otherwise specified, music on the following sites is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike License.

  • MIT Chamber Chorus and Choir – Classical music performed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s chorus and choir groups.
  • Pandora Records – A wide variety of music from the archives of Pandora Records including many performances from members of the University of Washington’s musical program.
  • Piano Society – Recordings submitted by both amateur and professional pianists.
  • Classic Cat – A website with links to over 3000 free to download classical performances on the Internet, sorted by composer and work.
  • Fulda Symphonic Orchestra – Performances by the German Fulda Symphonic Orchestra.
  • Johannes Henkel – Mozart’s music performed on an Alvarez Yairi CY-116 guitar by artist Johannes Henkel.
  • Philip Hii – Guitar renditions of classical works and original composition’s.
  • MusicaLiberata – A fledgling music library that is still in its early stages but still has some nice performances available.
  • Links to Tens of Thousands of Legal Music Downloads – Just what the name says.
  • Magnatune – A commercial label that also offers its songs from various genres under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike License. If you find an album from which you want to use a song, choose “Licence”, then “Non-Commercial” and you will be directed to a download directory with mp3s. Although you are not required to do so, giving the suggested donation to the label and artist is a nice gesture.
  • Free Play Music – Tons of cool, free music.

Sheet Music

    Some sites contain sheet music freely available under some type of license or public domain. Personal performances based of such sheet music will generally be copyright the performer and thus the performer may include them in her brickfilm.

  • Choral Public Domain Library – One of the world’s largest free sheet music sites including scores, texts, translations, and information about composers.
  • Mutopia Project – Archive of public domain classical sheet music.

Stock Images

  • – A free stock photography site with thousands of high-resolution, royalty-free photographs.
  • – A site for people who want to show their artistic Abilities; and also has a Very Large royalty free Image gallery
  • NASA (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) maintains a number of photo archives including NASA Images, the JSC Digital Image Collection, and the NASA Image Exchange. Many of these images are not protected by copyright; see each site for more details. Images include spacecraft, historical spaceflight, and astronomical images.
  • NOAA Photo Library – The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration maintains this archive of over 16,000 images most of which are not subject to copyright (although attribution is required). Photographs include weather, severe storms, underwater, and many nature photographs.
  • US Fish and Wildlife Pictures and Graphics – Links to collections of images of wildlife and nature. Most images are in the public domain.
  • Foto Search Stock Photography – Archives including over 1 million high resolution stock photos. (Please note that this site includes Royalty Free images, which do carry some licensing terms)
  • Flickr’s CreativeCommons section includes many photographs with copyright licenses that allow incorporation into films under various terms.

Stock Footage

  • is a website with unique sci-fi, landscapes, chromakey, and fireworks stock footage in DVD (720×420) and 1080p (1920×1080).
  • Detonation Films is a website that contains several types of stock footage that can be utilized as visual effects within films.
  • Apple Stock Footage – A collection of Stock Footage web sites provided for by Apple (Please note that these sites are Royalty Free and do have some licensing terms)
  • Stock Footage World – Offering a large selection of contemporary stock footage featuring thousands of video clip previews that are fully searchable by keywords, themes, locations and formats.
  • Puzuki | Public Domain Motion Art – Free stock footage of an abstract/experimental/artistic style.

Web Space for Images

  • Image Shack – Image hosting with or without signing up
  • Photobucket – Image hosting with signing up.
  • Brickshelf – Brick-related image hosting; registration required. A tutorial about Using Brickshelf has been made by member, Blunty.
  • Maj – Image hosting; registration required (but you may use the same login name and password as your Brickshelf account.)
  • ImageOX – Image hosting site with or without signing up.
  • The Image Hosting – A new site which seems to be provided by university students engaged in high-demand web-hosting research. No registration is required, but if you do not register then it is up to you to keep track of the image’s link yourself. Registration is free, there is no limit on number of images and a 1 megabyte filesize per image limit.

Web Space for Films

  • – An FTP server for uploading your Brickfilms.
  • – Another FTP server for uploading your Brickfilms. This site has tons of bandwidth and space, perfect for your 100 MB film.
  • – A site that allows you to host your movies; however, they must be approved by hand by the site’s staff. Also, a tutorial has been made of’s Basics by Matthew “Darkgreen” Lieberman.
  • – An offshoot of and easier to use, it lets any Ourmedia member publish video, audio, photos, text and software to their site.
  • – An interesting approach to film hosting which attaches an advertisement to the end of your video and shares revenue with the director.
  • – A website for distributing films in a proprietary format that protects the filmmaker from unauthorized distribution.
  • – A file host for uploading all kinds of files, including movies. No wait times
  • – One of the big file uploading sites, fast uploads and downloads but you need to wait 25 seconds for downloads to start.