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Lego heads

Started by: Avatar of crossbow1123 crossbow1123

1 2 1368 days

Avatar of JWKstudios JWKstudios

By the power invested in me, this site is dead.

Started by: Avatar of The Doctor The Doctor

1 15 1371 days

Avatar of Ivana May K'moovi Ivana May K'moovi

Stop mo

Started by: Avatar of Legoman130 Legoman130

1 4 1384 days

Avatar of Legoman130 Legoman130

I need help with special effects and stuff

Started by: Avatar of SuperMonkey94 SuperMonkey94

1 4 1410 days

Avatar of SuperMonkey94 SuperMonkey94

Lighting problems

Started by: Avatar of TheBrickAnimator1 TheBrickAnimator1

1 7 1420 days

Avatar of marccox08 marccox08

Type of blocks ?

Started by: Avatar of Jmez2 Jmez2

1 2 1452 days

Avatar of legofilmer96 legofilmer96


Started by: Avatar of ushangry ushangry

1 2 1456 days

Avatar of BrikProductions BrikProductions


Started by: Avatar of brickdude98 brickdude98

1 6 1463 days

Avatar of BrikProductions BrikProductions

FAQ – Special Effects questions

Started by: Avatar of mrgraff mrgraff

1 5 1463 days

Avatar of BrikProductions BrikProductions

how do i draw on pictures on windowsmoviemaker like gunshots 1 2

Started by: Avatar of Darkboots lego Darkboots lego

1 19 1465 days

Avatar of nevula productions nevula productions

can you help me figure this out? tracking, panning question

Started by: Avatar of torahvision torahvision

1 4 1472 days

Avatar of BrikProductions BrikProductions

Why does my minifig look like he's limping….

Started by: Avatar of torahvision torahvision

1 4 1485 days

Avatar of legozard1 legozard1

Is this a good web cam?

Started by: Avatar of lonewolf323 lonewolf323

1 2 1486 days

Avatar of legozard1 legozard1

Lego Titanic

Started by: Avatar of Dirtboy101 Dirtboy101

1 2 1528 days

Avatar of monnika monnika

walking and fps, soemone plz help.

Started by: Avatar of uipoi1 uipoi1

1 7 1539 days

Avatar of Lord Dargor Lord Dargor

Viewing 15 topics - 76 through 90 (of 139 total)

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