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2 fast 2 furious movie

Started by: Avatar of shorty-productions shorty-productions

1 2 4053 days

Avatar of Kyle Kyle

my first animated-talking test 1 2

Started by: Avatar of Ferder Ferder

1 21 4054 days

Avatar of Tervuren Tervuren

A short film (not lego) done by my brother

Started by: Avatar of cwr89 cwr89

1 15 4056 days

Avatar of cwr89 cwr89

Nuts 'N Bolts (tried to animate slowly this time.) 1 2

Started by: Avatar of legotronn legotronn

1 17 4056 days

Avatar of legotronn legotronn

My first trial in filming… (with plenty of errors) ;)

Started by: Avatar of DarkRAM DarkRAM

1 9 4057 days

Avatar of DarkRAM DarkRAM

Not mine. It's LEGO WARS EPISODE 2!

Started by: Avatar of legotronn legotronn

1 15 4058 days

Avatar of Stefan Stefan

A short , Shaky alamdv2 test

Started by: Avatar of titantiger titantiger

1 4 4058 days

Avatar of titantiger titantiger

Lego Sleepy Hollow!

Started by: Avatar of Jack Prost Jack Prost

1 13 4059 days

Avatar of titantiger titantiger

New Film Preview

Started by: Avatar of Mr. Less Mr. Less

1 8 4059 days

Avatar of Mr. Less Mr. Less

New Film: Adventure on a Talk Show

Started by: Avatar of Alex W Alex W

1 14 4059 days

Avatar of Motfilms Motfilms

Diplomacy III

Started by: Avatar of The Janitor The Janitor

1 9 4059 days

Avatar of DarkRAM DarkRAM

Great Microbiologists *smaller version now available* 1 2

Started by: Avatar of RevMen RevMen

1 30 4060 days

Avatar of cwr89 cwr89

The Apartment (second episode in the Ben and Jerry series)

Started by: Avatar of  

1 11 4062 days

Avatar of  

My first movie: The man with the cane

Started by: Avatar of dandenmark dandenmark

1 13 4063 days

Avatar of legotronn legotronn

looking for a Bluntmation Fix?

Started by: Avatar of Blunty Blunty

1 6 4063 days

Avatar of unfoldingmetal unfoldingmetal

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