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Started by: Avatar of BBricks BBricks

1 4 1059 days

Avatar of Panasma Panasma

Neverending Nights (NeN)

Started by: Avatar of Puddleglum Puddleglum

1 14 1074 days

Avatar of Tawmis Tawmis

is anyone here from vancouver?

Started by: Avatar of legomyworld legomyworld

1 1 1165 days

Avatar of legomyworld legomyworld

Remember me?

Started by: Avatar of WeirdEars WeirdEars

1 4 1176 days

Avatar of Jargon Jargon

A Nice Little Place to DeLurk V2.0 (Introduce yourself here) 1 2 3 24 25 26

Started by: Avatar of WhiteDragon WhiteDragon

1 382 1188 days

Avatar of Thunderbolt Thunderbolt

How do you make a poll?

Started by: Avatar of Ehlek333 Ehlek333

1 2 1218 days

Avatar of Lechnology Lechnology


Started by: Avatar of wirdo7 wirdo7

1 2 1361 days

Avatar of WiiViewrFan WiiViewrFan


Started by: Avatar of King of the Lego King of the Lego

1 4 1362 days

Avatar of wirdo7 wirdo7

home films

Started by: Avatar of brickfilmerbob brickfilmerbob

1 1 1363 days

Avatar of brickfilmerbob brickfilmerbob

What are your FIVE favorite things in life?

Started by: Avatar of johnnyblame johnnyblame

1 4 1364 days

Avatar of wirdo7 wirdo7

Hey Guys! Working on a Film project

Started by: Avatar of silence123 silence123

1 3 1385 days

Avatar of goldencamerastudios goldencamerastudios

The new Harry Potter sets coming out on

Started by: Avatar of Ruphondorm Ruphondorm

1 2 1385 days

Avatar of goldencamerastudios goldencamerastudios

BrickFilms Dead? 1 2

Started by: Avatar of Sniper502nd Sniper502nd

1 29 1394 days

Avatar of Darkman Darkman

The Flame War Forum

Started by: Avatar of BrikProductions BrikProductions

1 1 1446 days

Avatar of BrikProductions BrikProductions

Started by: Avatar of NewRight NewRight

1 4 1447 days

Avatar of NewRight NewRight

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