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Prolonged Film Submission

Started by: Avatar of lgmaster6 lgmaster6

1 2 1473 days

Avatar of An Old Ore An Old Ore

Anything new going on?

Started by: Avatar of badgerboy badgerboy

1 6 1487 days

Avatar of brianfast brianfast


Started by: Avatar of arrayanimation arrayanimation

1 4 1569 days

Avatar of BrickLord BrickLord

What has happened here?

Started by: Avatar of hovinet hovinet

1 9 1603 days

Avatar of Weasley Weasley

We need change!

Started by: Avatar of fatalextraction fatalextraction

1 2 1633 days

Avatar of KinzCove KinzCove

About the site, an important read!

Started by: Avatar of Droid Droid

1 14 1650 days

Avatar of BrikProductions BrikProductions

all videos reviewed

Started by: Avatar of FLIPaBRIK FLIPaBRIK

1 6 1679 days

Avatar of roRyL roRyL


Started by: Avatar of teddybeartoots teddybeartoots

1 7 1679 days

Avatar of BrikProductions BrikProductions

How do I upload an avatar?

Started by: Avatar of BrickLord BrickLord

1 3 1679 days

Avatar of AJStudios AJStudios

phpBB2 with old forum db backup

Started by: Avatar of Weasley Weasley

1 1 1781 days

Avatar of Weasley Weasley

Spam Attack Discussion Thread! EVERYONE READ! 1 2 3 4 5 6

Started by: Avatar of History500 History500

1 81 1811 days

Avatar of The Doctor The Doctor

New Developer Introduction 1 2

Started by: Avatar of BrickFilms_Joe BrickFilms_Joe

1 25 1827 days

Avatar of Weasley Weasley

New Members

Started by: Avatar of reeldp reeldp

1 4 1841 days

Avatar of reeldp reeldp

Poll improvement

Started by: Avatar of fefobrick fefobrick

1 1 1843 days

Avatar of fefobrick fefobrick

My pending video 1 2

Started by: Avatar of skcolb skcolb

1 16 1845 days

Avatar of skcolb skcolb

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