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General Brickfilming
Brickfilming! Discuss animation, festivals, contests, plastic building bricks, movies, etc. A friendly community forum. Newbies welcome!
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Animation and Effects
A forum to discuss animation techniques, special effects, lighting, set building, and anything else related
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Post and Review Films
Post your films here, and review or talk about the same. Please be aware that films posted here will NOT be automatically added to the film directory. For instructions on how to do this, see the main site.
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Hardware and Software
Questions and answers about filming and capture software, hardware and cameras, etc. Technical talk for the most part.
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Music, Sound Effects, and Voice Acting
Share music that you've created or found, organize casts of voice actors, get help with foley, or discuss anything else relating to the sound portion of film in this forum.
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Getting Started
This forum is for new members and should cover everything they need to know about Brickfilming.There are threads for questions, so post them if you want to know about something in the proper thread.
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General Forums
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Check here for the Terms of Service and rules you agree to follow by posting here.
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Site Feedback
Discuss site issues and provide suggestions for new features here.
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This is the place to carry on all of your non filming related conversations. An excellent chance to find out who your fellow brickfilmers really are!
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Proving Grounds
Vote on ideas to improve Brickfilms.
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Events and Projects Forums
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Contests Discussion
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Community Project
Get involved! The community project is Brickfilms members getting together to create films that are truly group efforts.
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Contests and Film Festivals
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Governmental Forums
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The general forum for Brickfilms politics. Register to vote, campaign, and discuss elections.
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Political Parties
This forum is for the organization, recruiting, and discussion of political parties in the brickfilms democratic system
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Nominations of candidates and elections.
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Official Nominee's Campaign Threads.
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