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“Legoman182182” wrote: Come on in, it’s a laugh.

BWA HA HA HA ! I have permission! 😀

From what I see, you’re not saying you are not wrong in your behaviour, you’re wondering why you got punished and other people didn’t.

So you’re more questioning why other people were forgiven, and you were not.

And from the looks of it, you’re singled out because you’re a big bad meany.

I would be absolutely thrilled if someone could find the time to point these out, rather than just slamming the door in my face.

You’re mean to people.

Mean people suck. 😀

Legoman, who extremely dislikes being compared to brianfast, with whom he has nothing in common at all.

He was mean and derogatory too. Moreso though. You’re like his little meany apprentice.

*laugh* 😀

Look, as an intelligent person, you should know a bit about social engineering. Let’s say some parking attendant went around giving people tickets, and it was only 5 minutes past.

People would be sympathetic to the car owners.

Now let’s say some jerk drives up to a parking spot, steals the spot from a little old lady, and then takes up two spots.

People would want that man ticketed as soon as it was 1 second past.

Be patient with people and extend grace. Don’t act like you are above them. And the majority of people will be nice to you. Yes, that may be some pithy platitude to you, but believe it or not, it works. If you don’t think people deserve your patience and forgiveness, then the same attitude will be extended towards you.

As it has been now.

You can appeal to the letter of the law, but that’s not the same as the spirit of the law. The law isn’t there so that people can arbitrarily ban others.

The law is there so we can be nice to each other. That’s the spirit of it.

And you break that spirit. You can be a big meany sometimes.

If you have a streak in you that has to be mean, then be mean to me! Go and trash my movies. I’ve been a geek outcast for most of my life, I’m used to being picked on. *laugh*

[spoiler]BF Trivia!

Did you know I was the one who originally requested this tag? I like spoiler tags.

Yes, this was random and pointless. You can be mean to me about this too. 😀

BWA HA HA HA! Watch me get involved in a debate that doesn’t involve me! 😀