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I liked this film, but I think it was not what it could have been. I think you have a tendency to think that the audience will know what you are thinking, that they’ll know who each character is and their motivations. I really think this film could have benefitted from a small scene where Kareem just lets it all out, where he explains why he is doing what he’s doing and why it means so much for him. If he was put in jail because Jack betrayed him, have him talk about the horrors he experienced in jail, etc. If we know why Kareem is angry, and we see that he truly is angry, we can understand him more and perhaps believe in his quest.

But other than that, great cinematography, great effects, great city. You were bold in your creation, and it definitely had a great scifi Bladerunner feel. The animation was less than perfect at some points, but it wasn’t bad. Like I said in the chat, I really think the conversation between Kareem and Jack could have been tightened. The pauses are just too long, and that could have easily been changed. When I saw the script, I thought it was some snappy and tense exchange. Perhaps a very small zoom into each character as they delivered their line would have helped, too.

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