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    Hello people,

    Christoph, Steffen and I have been playing around with this idea for a while now. In fact, ever since the release of Go! Le! Go!’s film “He’s Coming”. Now, finally, we feel the time has come to go public. So, without further ado, we present you

    The 10 Brick Contest

    The basic idea is to carefully choose 10 elements from your collection, and use these in a clever way to create an entertaining animation. Exact details can be found on the website (click the link above), but for your convenience we will stress the main rules here:

    The Rules

    1. The film must not contain more than 10 visible elements.

    2. Everything (from Lego or else) that can be detached without breaking is an element (see example below)

    3. Every element visible (apart from background and optional baseplate) will be counted.

    4. This is an animation contest, not a Special Effects contest, so the use of effects other than masking is strongly discouraged. Visible items like digitally added smoke, laser beams, etc. will be considered ADDITIONAL elements and are therefore only to use if there are no more than 10 elements INCLUDING the special effects visible during the film (rule 1).

    5. A still picture showing all elements visible during the film must be included in the credits.

    Length and Format

    Entries must not be longer than 2 minutes.

    To ensure, that also non-broadband users can download most of the films we require a version of the film with a resolution of max. 320×240 and a max. size of 2MB encoded in either RealMedia or DiVX.

    In addition to that, a high quality version may be submitted. This must not have a filesize bigger than 8MB and should be as well in either RealMedia or DiVX.


    The Voting of the films will be based on a single category, that is ANIMATION. Every participant will submit his personal ranking of all films except his own. The first film in a ranking will recieve 0 points, the second will recieve 1 points, the third 2 and so forth. Points from all rankings will be added up and the film that recieves the lowest number of points wins.

    Participants from whom no ranking is recieved by the Voting deadline will be excluded from the contest and therefore from the individual rankings before the points are awarded.

    Votings will be made public via the web with the announcement of the winners.


    All entries must be received in the form of an e-mail containing:
    1. a working (for the time of the contest) link to at least the small version your film.
    2. the names of all directors
    3. the usernames in the brickfilms.com forums of the directors if they have them.
    E-mails are to be sent to chbrock@gmx.de

    Entries must be received by midnight on Tuesday November 30th, 2004 European Standard Time. Entries cannot be made publicly available until their presentation via the Contest web-page shortly after the submission deadline.

    Votings must be recieved by midnight on Friday December 10th 2004 European Standard Time.

    Winners will be announced in the Chat at brickfilms.com midnight on Saturday December 11th 2004 European Standard Time.

    The goal of this contest is to urge animators to think out of the box, get creative with these colourful bricks, and animate cleverly. We hope it will give rise to the same amount of interest as the Chicken Dance Contest in the past did. To persuade you to join in, Steffen has kindly provided some very neat prizes!

    NOTE: while the information above is probably correct, the website contains the definitive version of the rules and submission details. Please read them carefully to avoid last-minute surprises!

    Happy animating!

    Steffen, Christoph, Stefan.



    okay. Can we have more than 10 elements, but not in the same frame? 1 minifig is 10. Can we have cardboard backing?
    -amped who is confused



    okay. Can we have more than 10 elements, but not in the same frame? 1 minifig is 10.

    No. 10 elements is the grand total. In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re actually discouraging the use of minifigs. You’ll use up your allotted number of bricks way too soon.

    Can we have cardboard backing?

    Yes. (Read the rules: “10 elements, apart from background and baseplate”).




    Hmm, sounds very interesting.

    Unfortunately, I have another film due at around the same time, one that will likely take up every weekend. But this sounds like an easy concept to animate, so maybe I’ll set aside an afternoon to make something.

    I really look forward to all the entries. I can see some people being very creative with this idea. Bravo Stefan and co.!




    So we cant really have a person staring in the normal sense?



    This sounds intresting. We’ll have a go and see what we get.



    Just to be sure: We CAN show everything, but not more than 10 Lego pieces? So I can create my set with other things than Lego and make my protagonist interact with them?



    @Amped: if I understand you correctly: yes, you can have 1 minifig in an empty set in front of a background, that’s staring at who knows what. But that’s not what’s going to make this contest interesting.

    @Holgor: no. We do not specify the elements to be Lego elements. So a Megablok, a wooden block, your sister’s Barbie doll all count as elements.

    Guys: think out of the box! The example at the bottom of the contest page may be misleading: we do not want you to use minifigs (though we don’t explicitly forbid them). Think Speed Demon, think 1xY The Movie, think The Job (if you’re a long-time member).




    “LoganArts Co” wrote: is the baseplate considered an element?

    “wandrer2” wrote: Read the rules: “10 elements, apart from background and baseplate”.


    David West

    If you need to do some masking, so you build a structure to support a figure, do those pieces count?

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