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    hi i want to shoot battlefield tehran in 1080p it will be a good movie. what is best camera to do this.

    ps can windows movie maker export to 1080p?


    Night Owl

    Battlefield Tehran? That sounds like a terrible movie.
    And no, WMM cannot export to 1080 as far as I know.
    The best camera to shoot HD with would be an HD camcorder or a digital still camera.



    Yes windows movie maker can render in 1080p (Vista version)



    You would definitely need a digital still camera (either point-and-shoot or dSLR).

    But you don’t need to do 1080p. Do 720p if you really want HD. Even that can be overkill, as any imperfection is very visible at 1280×720 (LEGO eyes on a webcam = black dots; LEGO eyes at 720p on a good dSLR = streaks of black paint that can change as you use the head). Good lighting, sets, art direction, etc. are far more important than resolution.




    Agreed, though it is of course worth noting that aside from higher resolution, digital cameras generally have better color and clarity than a webcam, and of course you can control the aperture which is sometimes useful. I’m working on a film right now in 720p and it looks great for wide shots and but I always have to be really careful about clearing off bits of dust on the set and in closeups any little scratches on the bricks are clearly visible.




    Heh, never thought I’d live to see brickfilms on hi-def.



    well, we brickfilmers have that advantage that we’re somewhat advanced in terms of hi-def. Because we can shoot with a usual digicam and get a high-def film… if we want.
    I did my film in 1600×900. Yet I don’t even know if I can ever upload this or if anyone would download and be able to play it.
    Editing takes a lot of performance. Especially for your hard disk. Not only space (my 12 minutes film took about 200 gb) but also speed. If it’s too slow you can’t even preview your scenes because once your RAM is full, the disk must provide all this huge uncompressed data.

    With my core2duo 2,4ghz and IDE Raid0, videos with 1600×900 run smoothly at a framerate of 8 but not 24.

    Well I think it does make sense to make it in HD but 1280×720 is enough imo. You can see every dust particle and scratches, (in macro even the structure of paint) but I think this contributes to the atmosphere of the set. Lego is too clean anyway :wink



    Personally I wouldn’t touch Windows Movie Maker with a barge pole.
    You could use the 30 day trial of Sony Vegas, that handles HD very well and it is not a huge leap from WMM to Vegas to understand. Plus you can have many video tracks and audio tracks overlaying each other. It is beautiful to use.



    WMM is the easiest video editor imaginable. Its a big leap from it to any multi track editor…



    The hole HD filming has one other problem, and that is space on the harddrive, the pictures alone for MoB are 4GB and the resolution of each frame was 1920×1280 which I used to make 720×480 avi files. Without compression I ended up with 2.8 GB for 12 minutes…

    I can only vaguely imagine what pain it must be to do 1080…

    Cheers Arend

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