2008 contest?

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    I’m just wondering when we will be informed about the 2008 official brickfilms contest… This is my first year at brickfilms, so i don’t know when to expect the events page to be updated. Or will there not be a contest this year? I don’t know if they have them every year. I really want to enter a contest, no matter how small my chances of winning, haha. 🙂




    The THAC 4 contest just started/ended a couple days ago. But I don’t know when they are going to update the events page. Hopefully sometime soon



    Technically, THAC is not an official contest. Saulgoode has just been elected to be in charge of official contests for the next 6 months, so hopefully he will organize an official contest soon.

    Saulgoode did a great job with his unofficial TTC contest a while back, so I look forward to seeing what he comes up with.




    There will, in all likelihood, be a contest held this summer in support of a (the?) major “brick convention”. Last year the official Brickfilms.com contest provided films which were shown at the BrickWorld convention held in Chicago. In prior years, contests have been held which contributed to the BrickFest festival (Washington, DC), as well as the BrickWest festival (Carlsbad, CA). It is my intent, as Minister of Film Contests, to see that our community maintains this tradition of ambassadorship at major brickfilming conventions. It is also my intent that brickfilmers be given ample advance notice in order that they are afforded time to create their films and plan their schedules.

    I expect that during the month of February, open discussions will be held in the forums to share and consider the actual details of this contest, with a formal announcement made sometime early in March. Feel free to consider ideas and promotions but I would request that forum discussion be limited for the time being. There will be no decisions made on this issue for at least a month and the opinions of our community will certainly be afforded the opportunity to be heard. For the present, there are more pressing issues and my focus will be on those.



    SO the summer and febuary contest are the same.? I dont like it when people say “summer” or “winter” because it depends where you are.



    What he means is that there is going to be a contest running from about March to late June/early July.

    -MMM, who will try hard to enter



    “maronislego” wrote: SO the summer and febuary contest are the same.?

    What February contest?

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