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    Hello one and all!

    Announcing the latest film from Brickfilms.com, written and directed by Jason.

    It is entitled “Secret Strategeries”, and can be found here:






    That was pretty good! I did wonder at a time if Jason made lgo movies. But then I thought that was extremely stupid because he own brickfilms! Duh!



    *Sigh* I take it your a democrat, Mr Rowoldt?

    Looks like I have to change my sig AGAIN, the third time today too.





    review to come when I get home from work today…

    one thing though….. why is this pinned, in two seperate forums? is it a community announcement? is it important news we should all be aware of?

    no, it’s “just” another filn announcement by a director.

    it’s seems awfully selfish of jason to pin this brief announcement of his new film, in BOTH the the general, AND the appropreate place, Post and reviews, JUST becasue he can – NO-ONE else gets their movie announcements pinned, or marked as “announcement”
    were you REALLY so afraid no one would see it that you had to post it twice, and pin it?

    yes he’s the owner of this site, be paysfor the bandwith, and I respect that, but this seems like an abuse of power, a selfish move, and unfair to other hardworking directors.

    let you movie live of sink into the forum based on how good it is Jason, just like the rest of us, and please, delete it from the general forum, it doesn’t belong there – if anyone else posted it there they’d be berrated for it, and it’d be locked, deleted or moved in here! – lead by example jason, that’s all I’m asking

    this ALSO applies to the ” 24 hour Movie Poster Contest!” thread too… another PERSONAL project, pinned and treated like it was a community announcement.



    Amen Bluntman. I had a post written up like yours, but deleted it after a few moments thought… Figured I’d let somebody else get the brunt of retaliation from Jason…



    Bluntman, I’m not even sure what to say … are you SERIOUSLY suggesting I can’t make a pinned topic wherever I want in my own forum that I own?

    I’m not even sure where to begin, buddy.



    Yolegoman, I’m an independent … do you understand what that is?



    I think it means he can ‘liberally’ slam both sides.


    The Janitor

    Seriously, guys, this is Jason’s website. He can do whatever he pleases with it. And let’s not get into another political debate by insulting eachother’s parties. Now, back to the film…

    I thought it was pretty funny. Some very clever jokes, like Bush’s daughter throwing up, and his list of rejected “axis of evil” names. The animation suffered from some slight inconsistencies, but nothing serious. The voice acting was excellent.

    Funny movie, Jason.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 42 total)

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