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    i’m not asking the same old questions about which webcam should i buy…
    i need a webcam just to practice with animation (i plan to buy a DV camera) so i’m going to spend about 20 euros.
    my question is: when i read webcam descrptions like this one

    , True mp sensor 1,3 MegaPixel, 30 frame/s, photo 5 Mpixel,

    should i consider 1.3 mp or 5 mp when the webcam is used with software such as animator dv, stopmotion pro etc?



    First of all:you want to be very careful when buying webcams.For example, i bought a microsoft lifecam VX5000, it was good definition and looked pretty good BUT, it didnt comply with my stopmotion software: monkeyjam.Also it can depend on what software you use, such as Stopmotion pro, it can be compatible with most cameras, or monkeyjam, which is freeware with some compatibility.(Example).So, when you are buying a webcam from a retailer, (and make sure they are smart ones)Ask questions relating to stopmotion such as=
    -Does this camera comply with image capture programs?
    -Does this camera only work with certain software?
    -Is this camera capable of Auto focus or manual focus for closeups?

    EDIT: For a webcam, i heard success using a logitech quickcam pro 8000, I use to animate with webcams but now i animate with a camera.



    anyway….the software is gonna capture at 1megapixel or 5??



    By software if you mean stopmotion software, it will always take the max amount of pixels your camera or webcam can take, its just a matter of its compliable as in the software detected it. AGAIN- i bought a microsoft VX8000 and when i hooked it up, it said there was no webcam hooked up.So it will capture at 5 mega pixels but according to your specs it says 5MP is only software enhanced.Which sounds to me like you will have to retouch every picture.Ask FLIPaBRIK. Im still new to stopmotion



    Mainly, if I were you, just find a webcam with more than 5 megapixels or so, I use a sony Handycam camcorder that shoots like 12 mp, and I use my logitech quickcam9000 which has some good quality. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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