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    Well At the starting of my school year i had brought in a lego movie that i had made indy star matrix….and well to say in the least that movie stunk worse than my socks! (and thats nasty!) and only because of this stupid movie did a teacher ask me to teach a lego class. So i aggreed….well i got more than i bargined for. The kids drove me crazy…how do you do this…whats that…and wow so cool and all! and im thinking man do their movies suck!…the prob was that when i created the class i stated(in the sign up form) that each group would have a finished film…oops bad idea..! 😮 Each and every film stunk and i new it…but if i said so i would be in deep trouble…so that is why i did not…the teachers made me rush i did not get to teach them any walking meathods (hali’s which i memorized) hand movment meathods or anything….they had no clue what they were doing(i did all the animation for one group they did nothing but sit there!)….but thankfully now the class is over and i wont be put into misery untill next year. Just thought i would let you know, because i was asked to submit their films to the site.
    just telling you!
    Kindest Regards! 😀



    LOL…Ok. Fun?

    And I must ask: Did you get paid?




    …it was not a movie for a project…it was a film i made and people asked me to bring it in. And no sadly enough i did not get paid.. 😥

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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