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    I don’t really like it cause it takes away your ability to quickly see if anyone’s posted. I figured that since this temporary place was going away very soon I might as well try it out.

    So you chat dogs better get your chat in now, cause it probably won’t be on the new server unless I find something else that works better. I won’t be looking very hard, either, as Stefan might just be developing something for us. 🙂




    I need a Turkish language pack to view the forum and chat room correctly? Maybe this needs to be fixed, or is it just a hiccup that’s happening to me?



    Guess so. I apparently need to install Pan-European text. Odd.



    I will be kind about the chat room, and say this: 😡


    I have to agree with motfilms when he says 😡


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    This is one thing I noticed when I was looking at forums to redo, and I talked to Rev about this. Some forums have different languages that you can set. The buttons and everything would be in that language. So, Im guessing that if you dont have those languages installed, and the forum has them, it may want you to install them. Just do what I do, hit cancel 😎



    Yeah, just hit cancel and it’ll work. Mine always wants to install Turkish. Weird.

    Well, the DNS setting appears to have gone through, so don’t worry, this chat thing will be history by tomorrow when we go back to the permanent location for the boards.

    You don’t need to speak carefully about the chat, it sucks.



    There are issues with the chat room:

    1) It only remembers the last 20 or so lines, so you have to keep paying attention, and you can’t log.

    2) The switching to ‘away’ happens way too fast, thus filling up the chat with “away/online” messages.

    3) It’s not connected to the database, so anyone with some basic understanding of how hyperlinks work, can log in with any name not already present in the chat. I successfully logged in as bluntmon, Yolegoman2, RevMEn and wandrer2andahalf (immediately proclaiming my identity, and only to warn others about this vulnerability).

    I suggest to try this one. Banjo did have a point, even if it was put in a rude and unfriendly way. But we know he listens to rap songs.




    There are issues with the chat room.

    1) It sucks

    Don’t worry, this software is only installed at the temporary shelter. When we go back to brickfilms.com tomorrow, it’ll be gone forever. So far I think having Stefan tweak the one he’s working on for our use is the best bet. I’ll look at that other one though, Stefan.



    “RevMen” wrote: You don’t need to speak carefully about the chat, it sucks.

    Ok, 😡 😡 😡

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