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    Uh oh

    I try to find action music on the internet and get nothing. I tried all the free places like Immediate music and and still no results. I’m kinda looking for music that would go with a dramatic actiony fight scene. Any suggestions?



    Try “Saturday Is Alright For Fighting” its by Nickelback

    Could that Possibly Work? Its rock but its a song about fighting. I think it rocks!


    Uh oh

    I’m like more of an orchestral action music. Like in Errol’s test clip. Yeah he got it at Immediate music, but when I try to download the music from there it don’t work.



    Kyle i cant believe you like that song, i HATE IT!!



    “Uh oh studios” wrote: I’m kinda looking for music that would go with a dramatic actiony fight scene.

    What type of action sequence? I could probably find a few…


    Uh oh

    Like super ultra dramatic climactic. Where there is all these close calls like dodges and they’re flying all over the place like in the matrix.



    Tempest is a song that the 6th grade band in my school plays about every year. I played it last year, and it is very action fight sequency. Not sure about copyright, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a big problem as long as you give the credit to the music composer or whatever. Here is a link to it:

    The link is long, but it should work.




    What about….

    Pompeii by E.S. Pothumus
    Freedom Battle by Michael W. Smith
    Hitman 2 Main Title
    The Desolation of Smaug
    Combat in Mirkwood
    Smaug Awakens
    Battle of Five Armies

    (all the above songs are from The Hobbit Soundtrack) I think I know the link to the entire soundtrack in mp3s on the web. It’s free, not pirate-free, but the company released it as freeware.

    Hope some of this helps. 🙂




    Mona Lisa Overdrive, from the Matrix Reloaded soundtrack, that’s what I’d use.


    Just about any Hard Rock song would do it.

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