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    Could somebody help me or direct me to a link to a tutorial on how to make scrolling text with Adobe Premiere? (EX: Credits going up at the end of most movies).

    Thanks for the help 😀



    TO DO that, u type out all ur text, well how I do it 🙂

    then i right click on the text i have in my timeline, go to advanced/motion, once ur in motion, u can just make it start at the bottom, and end at the top, that way, ur text will move from the bottom to the top, see if that helps




    Now you have a black box with two dotted squares in the middle. To the left there are some icons. There’s just a plain old “T” and another “T” with four directional arrows around it.

    Now, you asked about scrolling text-so you want the “T” with the four arrows around it.

    1. Go ahead and click that “T”
    2. Click on the space where you want your box to start (where the text will be). As a preference of mine, I place the box on the innermost white square (because if you export to video ever-that’s the safe zone).
    3. Now that you have your box, a blinking text bar will appear so you can enter text.
    4. Put all of your text in the way you want it-(on right click, when the text is selected-you can change the font, the size, the color, and the orientation)
    5. Theoretically, you have scrolling text. But if your text is not scrolling, hit the enter button a bunch of times before your text starts (this will place your text at the bottom of the screen and it will scroll up)
    6. So, it gets to the end-and that last piece of information isn’t displayed long enough? Hit the enter button after all of your text too. (As a preference of mine, I hit the enter button above the text until it is off screen, and below the text until it is offscreen above.
    7. Now that you have everything you want the way you want it:
    8.Your new scrolling title should show up in your BIN so you can import it into your project. You can then change its duration (5 seconds will scroll faster than 10 seconds) NOTE: You can change duration by zooming into your title in the timeline, right-clicking it and (on the menu that pops up) select duration.
    9. A last tip-save and save often. Good luck.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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