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    “ahnt (apparently) in a PM” wrote: Hi Doc,

    apparently my password got lost, and my auto loging doesn’t work. I already tried to contact Steffen via the admin link, but haven’t hear from him…

    so I am essentially unable to do anything… could you try to get into contact, or ask what is going on?

    BTW this is really me, ahnt 🙂

    Cheers Arend



    How did he PM you if he can’t log in? Or am I misunderstanding something?



    Second account called “ahnt_lost” thus my use of “(apparently)” in the quote.



    I don’t think we should trust it, just to be on the safe side with all these spam attacks and everything. He should probably contact TAAB using an actual email address they know is his so they can do something, because contacting you just seems a little fishy, especially since you’ve already been taken advantage of once.



    That’s why I put it up here, because of it’s fishiness.

    We need a new admin(s), ahnt just isn’t doing his job. Not that it’s his fault mind you.



    Ahnt has been in touch via my private email. We will resolve this on Monday.

    Regarding admin – I’m interested in hearing from the community: Who’s interested, how many should we have & what is the criteria for becoming an admin and keeping the privilege.

    In the past, many have wanted the title, but then did not want to do the work.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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