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    hi am new here and I have a question… (my English is bad because im from germany)

    Im doing a movie an the begining takes place on an Airport..
    I´ve already builded the inside scenes of the airport but, I know it sounds stupid, I have to build the entrance and I dont know how to make it look like: oh, an airport 🙂 please give me some tips..



    I was also thinking of glass. The thought of an airport puts many windows into my mind.

    Other things that would nail it down as an airport would be a line of cars loading/unloading right in front and an airplane taking off or landing in the background. Even if you couldn’t tell your building was an airport just by looking at it, having an airplane taking off or landing in the background should clearly identify it in pretty much anyone’s mind.

    As far as the entrance goes, they usually have a long line of windows and doors with a very wide sidewalk and lots of cars pulling up to either pick up or drop off passengers.



    The local airport where I live has those type of doors that swing. Like, they are huge doors and they rotate in a horizontal fashion.




    Thanks for your ideas! This topic can be closed 🙂
    …I was also thinking of a huge glass wall with some rotating glass doors,
    but how to realize that? I´m thinking of building a framework (is it the right word?) and use foil for the glass. The backround could be blue box animated but I have no prog to do something like that… I´ll Post a picture of it, or the whole movie when its finished…




    Felix, just so ya know, we don’t lock topics ever around here, unless they are flame wars or spam.

    We just leave them open so other people can comment on them, ect.

    Jes thought I would let you guys know.




    Another feature very characteristic of airport entrances is a large, sweeping awning-type-thing over the sidewalk or road. Also, many signs; although these might take a bit of time to make, they can look very good when done well–Rob Weychert’s films (Twelve Bucks, Heat Part II, Siege on the Corporate Identity Plant) have good examples of sign/ non-Lego graphic object use.

    Heh…my first post in this Forum.

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