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    Howdy everyone!

    I started production on a brickfilm back in 2004 and it wasn’t untill I was half way through when I even discovered this underworld of lego films. So I can see things I need to improve upon after viewing some great films on this site. But as for right now, here is my very first Brickfilm. It is approximately 35 minutes long

    It is the strange story of the Wild West as we are familar with it. The Three bandits are running from the law and find themselves in situations where they could never possibly escape.

    Anyways, watch it and give me some feedback.


    ~ Doug

    EDIT!! 1/6/07 – I now have a newer version up! Enjoy! Now in QuickTime



    Wow, I’m in the middle of watching it right now. The animation is great and the effects are awesome….

    EDIT: Wow, That film is simply amazing, The story, the effects, the animation… Everything. It belongs in the directory.

    Great job.



    Night Owl

    Well, this is certainly a good start for the year!
    First of all, the whole atmosphere created in the film was perfect. I really liked all the attention to detail. The dust moving around the whole time gave the film a sort of realistic touch.
    Technically, it’s also well done. The animation is quite good (though there are some bits that are a little shaky), especially in the parts with lots of people. The cinematography was excellent, with some very nice lighting setups and camerawork. Some of the angles from below were great.
    I especially liked the script; the dialogue is well-written and the acting is fantastic in most places. Anyone smell a BAMPA nomination? There was a nice element of comedy throughout and the ending was priceless.
    One thing that I didn’t like was the pacing. Some shots were way too long. In some cases, this just overly stressed somebody’s reaction (like in the saloon with the two “Mexicans”). In other places, however, it seriously interrupted an exciting scene.
    Overall, this is a great brickfilm! I highly recommend it. I’d give it an 8/10.




    EDIT- That was fabulous. I’m too lazy to write a big long review, good job! Should win Atleast Best Debut in the BAMPAS next year.



    OMG, the cannedgravy from the days of old? Where have you been?



    Brilliant film. This has a real western feel. The acting sounds very proffesional, and makes the characters really believable, and combining this with a really nice story is bound to make a great film, no matter about anything else.

    Animation is average, but definetly better than some of the other films on this site. I really love the sets as well, they are really well built, and adapted from the original lego sets which are a bit flimsy (well I think anyway.) This makes it really feel like we’re in a western town in the middle of the desert, not just on someone’s desk. I think this is helped by the atmospheric music, and the greenscreen effects (I think that was what it was,) that you used.

    This is a really great film, and I can’t wait to show it to the rest of my family!

    – rstudios


    Matthew Buick

    …Downloading…review coming later. 🙂


    Wow, that was wonderful, me and my brother enjoyed it enormously. Brilliant animation, it was basically faultless. The cinematography was wonderful, there was some really subtle lighting. Excellent use of practicals, and the voice work was first rate.




    Well thanks everyone for all the good and edifying reviews so far! and only in two hours of having it posted! I’ll have to make another brickfilm 😀


    Matthew Buick

    Well, you’d-a-better go on an’-a-do that. 😆



    For your first film, that was damn good!

    The voice acting was impressive; I especially liked the Mayor’s voice.

    The animation was good, as well as the effects. The dust clouds added a nice touch. I did think that myriad bluescreen effects got a little tiresome after a while, however. Maybe some printed backdrops would have looked better.

    The Mexican bandito costumes were cool, did you make the sombreros?

    The story was pretty engaging and I found most of the humor amusing. A darn good film all around.

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