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    OK! After a strenuous two day stretch of filming (done in tiny incriments) Living Bricks Productions has produced another film. An Idiot’s Guide to Getting a Date is actually based on a shirt and really wasn’t even planned. I just decided to make it, so I did.

    Anyways, you can download the movie in either high quality DivX or ok quality .rm formats here.

    Well, I hope you enjoy, and please tell me what you think.



    Wow, thats… FUNNY! 😆


    The Spoilerz will end when the text becomes readable again.

    It really had a ‘Tv’ show feel to it, the music fit well, (It seems whoever wrote the “Entertainer” had brickfilms in mind :lol:) The voices were okay. The one thing I was confused about is whether it shows Idiots how to get a date, or whether its and idiot showing people in general how to get a date.

    Whatever, it was still funny. 🙂

    Good, that was a job well done.




    that was hilarious! I especially loved the monkey at the end. The voice was a tiny bit grainy,but the dull, dreary voice tone fit the character and the style perfectly.

    When the movie was over, I decided to watch all of the credits for some reason. I’m glad i did, because when i saw that monkey chow ad… :rotfl

    hilarious work! 😆



    SO FUNNY! I like the monkey chow, all the girls (plus one monkey) were running after the guy. Keep it up! 🙂


    The Janitor

    That was really good! You clearly put a lot of effort into making this a quality short.

    Visually, it was excellent. The animation was well above average, the sets were well lit, and the various titles and such gave it a very public television-like feel.

    It was quite funny as well. I thought the “Say that you are rich” part was particularly humorous.

    The voice of the narrator was effective in that it contributed to the t.v. feel of the film. It was nothing special, but it worked.

    Overall a great little short. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t yet downloaded it.



    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 That was great!



    When I click on the link it just takes me to your site. It doesn’t have the movie there. Could you post a direct link please? thanks



    You should be ashamed of yourself Logan… thats pathetic! 😀

    Anyway, theres 2 film files on the site, an Rm and a Divx Avi.

    I hope you can find it from there! “ROFLOL”!





    Actually it’s not there. Stupid comp. I don’t see it. I see all your old films. I must not see the updated site.



    Great job dude, a well thought out short, very nice looking animation, smooth, and good lighting, good job 🙂

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