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    Brick Angel

    Hey guys,

    Just want to ask for your kind cooperation in one of my little projects for the site.
    Can everyone kindly post which applications they use for brickfilming?
    I need:
    1. Name of application
    2. Application Niche – What aspect of production it’s keyed toward.

    Thanks in advance for your co-op.


    well where should I start? haha

    1. I use one of the first editions of dragon stop motion (dragonframe as it’s called now) for frame capture. I works well with my logitech pro 9000
    2. the webcams own software to control it’s settings
    3.audacity to record voices and also alter them if necessary (I use the pitch changer quite a bit)
    4.photoshop for masking individual frames and creating posters and stuff like that (although this is not brickfilming per se). also for creating the mouths I’m going to use
    5.after effects for putting all the frames together, making the special effects, mouth animations, color correction, grain removal, blur and a whole bunch of other stuff
    (as a side note here, I know a lot of people use adobe premiere or sony vegas to put the frames together but I can’t get really get the hang of it so that’s why I use after effects)
    6.premiere pro for adding the audio…all of it :)…matching everything up, exporting the video, transitions
    7.I’m pretty sure there’s a number 7 but I can’t think of it now…

    hope this helps


    Brick Angel

    Anymore suggestions from our community?




    When I did stop motion for Mass Comm, we tried out Frame by Frame for Mac (Since our masscomm department was all macs)

    It’s rated highly, and there are very few poor reviews. Very simple to use, and it uses your webcam or attached external webcam. It has a preview and a shadow overlay to see last frame.

    Give that a shot if you haven’t tried it. I only used it for a few projects, but it was smooth sailing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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