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    first ttime useing ANASAZIS SMA…………

    tried to do it but it turned out wrong……..
    and the frame rate is all wrong……
    any help????? … ies/ll.avi



    hmm… 😕 it was too short to say something…



    What exactly are your problems? I didn’t notice anything particularly strange about it… except that, on a frame-by-frame analysis, it appeared as if during the opening of the door, some frames were put in twice.

    Also, 1.2 MB is way too large for a film of its size. 64 frames at a resolution of 160×120 (I think) can be compressed to at least 1/10th of what you’re using now without visible loss of quality.




    what would bea good compression software to use???



    Stoik Video Conventer – my favorite. You can get it here: … c_demo.htm

    Hope that helps 🙂


    Or you could use videomach and DIVX. I wrote a short tutorial on compressing with Divx using videomach.

    1. Click on folder to open file. … dmach1.jpg

    2. Next, click on the diskette icon. … dmach2.jpg

    3. In the red circle (circle isnt there in videomach), name the file and select a file type (.avi, .mpep, .jpg) *note: selecting .jpg will split the file into individual frames* Next, click the video tab. … dmach3.jpg

    4. At the bottom, you should see a button called “Format Options”, or something to that effect. Select Divx from the list, then click Ok. … dmach4.jpg

    5. Click on the play button (triangle) and viola! When it finishes compressing, the file should play. … dmach5.jpg

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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