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    When a play my timeline in after effects, there is no sound… neither is there sond when I export to eg. an AVI-file…





    you need premiere to do that



    You mean you can’t add sound in AE?? To what format do I have to export to reimport it in premiere?



    if what he said is true (which it is, AE is for images and stuff) then just export to anything premiere imports! 🙂 If you can export as AVI and of course it imports as AVI, then do that.. If it exports as something else, see if premiere imports it.



    Constantine, please, for the love of God, LEAVE! You are UNWANTED here. Either that or completely shut up. I’m fine with either.

    Did you make sure the music was enabled? Is the music at the right place when you ram preview (as in, ram preview only does a small segment; is there sound in that segment?). Maybe check your preferences, there might be an option that turns off audio in ram preview. Did you try to preview only the sound? If you try to preview the sound, but still nothing, it might have to do with your soundcard or speakers, or AE is simply screwing up.

    When rendering, make sure you look at the bottom of the compression info window. There is a little thing that I believe you have to click to get the audio to render with the video.

    Sorry, I know I haven’t been that clear or detailed, but you should be able to find what I’m talking about.

    Cometgreen, hoping firelance got his copy legally 😉



    Cometgreen, hoping firelance got his copy legally

    I had the same question.



    You can hear sound in after effects by enabling the speaker button (which is located in the little VCR controls floater.)

    You then press ‘play’ to create a RAM preview, and then what after effects does is precalculates the sound for the length of your preview. You have to set a preference for quality, I think the default is 12khz stereo or something. Anyways, keep in mind that it’s precalculating audio and video frames to RAM, and your ram can get used up pretty quickly*. So not only is it slow, but the length of time is limited and if you change your composition by, say, moving that scream sound a half second later then you have to wait for it to recalculate again.

    You should only be using after effects to create composites and add in special effects, do bluescreening etc. If you want lightning fast sound editing then you should use DDClip.

    (* AEX is also VERY bad at memory management, but that might just be win98’s fault 😛 )

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