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    kowarama skip

    Just when thought 3 Liar’s in a trilogy were enough, it becomes quadlogy!
    introducing…Lord of the Liars: the Liar 4
    Da Link

    and if you haven’t seen the other liar movies…

    Tell me what you think.[/b]



    erm…. what’s a .rmurl file? 🙂
    check yer link


    kowarama skip

    Okay I fixed it



    Ok. A completely honest and unreserved review. Please don’t kill me!

    That made absolutely no sense, and in addition to that, animation and camera work were horrible. Can’t you keep the camera still?




    I understood it completely. The Liar said he was standing on ground, and the man says he wasn’t. Like in all the other Liar movies, he goes, “Are you calling me a LIAR?” They decide to play musical chairs with only one chair to make it harder. Whoever wins was telling the truth. Once the song stops, none of them are sitting down! 😆 The Liar and the other guy fight to get into the chair, and The Liar wins. A police officer comes along, and says, “Hey, it’s The Liar!” The Liar takes the chair and hits it at him!

    What the…

    😆 😆 😆

    I don’t see what you didn’t understand, Wanderer… except for the name… (It had absolutely nothing to do with Lord of the Rings… if it was supposed to be a spoof of Lord of the Rings…)

    Nice work, Kowarama! Much improvement since The Steven Spielburg movie!

    Legotronn 8) (P.S. Could you repost The Liar 2 on the web? The link’s busted…)



    this film was silly but it made me want to do some kung fu fighting as fast as lighting

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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