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    … and saw the complete numpty running along the Hangar Straight staging a protest?

    Those cars reach about 200mph along there.

    The circuit’s already in enough jeopardy without some twit with a deathwish adding to the problems. :roll The safety car was deployed, and a track marshal rugby tackled him, and he was arrested and led away by the police.

    We usually drive up to Silverstone to see the race, but couldn’t afford it this year. The prices for a grandstand seat are getting ridiculous.

    Aside from that, it’s been a bloody good race!

    EDIT: Removed image for fear of losing Brickshelf :roll



    Lol, that guy looks like a nut, arms flailed like that. What was the “reason” for the protest



    yes, yes…. nutter, fast cars, lax security blah blah.

    all facinating, but just stamping a legoman in the corner of that pic doesn’t make it lego related, now stop abusing the privelage that is brickshelf, and use it for it’s intended purpose only.
    show some respect for that free hosting service, if people keep trying to abuse it, it will be taken away like geekshelf was.


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    “op1studios” wrote:
    We usually drive up to Silverstone to see the race, but couldn’t afford it this year. The prices for a grandstand seat are getting ridiculous.

    I hate you…

    And yes, I saw that. That was crazy. He almost got hit a couple times. I wonder what it was on his sign.



    dont know.
    i was driving way to fast to see the sign.
    but i think i saw a flash of purple hearts on his undies 😆

    Just once i wish i could go to a rally race with a beat up old sob of a SAAB.
    the speeds you can reach are ludicrous in those things when they are barebones, like 230 mph or something……
    i dunno..
    correct me if i’m wrong.


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    It was Formula one, not rally. And a Saab couldnt go 230 mph. Those Formula one cars hit around 300 km/h, which is around 200mph. Rally cars run around 100 mph, and sometimes above in the straight aways, but depends on the course.



    like i said correct me if im wrong…
    i have a video id like to post but i dont know ofa site to do it at…
    mines already exeded its limit for bandwidth consumption.
    oh well.

    any who i have an article on a saab that Tuner Mag got ahold of and they got it uo to around 150-180….
    but ill find the mag and throw an article on it…


    Drunken Farmer Ben

    Ok, it seems you are talking about a Saab setup for street. I thought you were talking about a Rally cross Saab. I can see if they got one up to that fast on the street.



    no this mag set it up with nothing but rally parts…..
    they even had a custom wing built right out of the back…..



    There’s more in today’s papers (naturally), and apparently the sign said



    What that has to do with Formula 1 is anyone’s guess.

    The 56 year old man from London is appearing in court today for ‘aggravated trespassing’.

    *sigh* There’s one born every minute . . . 🙂

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