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    This is a set I’m working on today for a shot I’ll be doing tonight. just to show some of the props in it, and the general design.

    I’m thinking of putting a picture on the blank, far right wall but I can’t think of one. Maybe I’ll just make a small abstract mosaic for it.

    If you want a close in picture of a prop or a part of the set, just say!

    If you can think of any improvements, let me know.



    That actually looks pretty good, but you might want to make the walls higher so the camera doesn’t see it.



    It will actually have a ceiling, as I’ve run out of white bricks. I even had to take apart my giant X-wing fighter to get this far!

    Here’s a new camera angle of it. I’ve put a picture on the blank wall so it doesn’t look as empty. Let’s play a game… Spot the references to brickfilm(er)s that inspired me!



    You might find it a bit hard to animate and light it then.



    I know it will make it really hard to animate, but I don’t really have a choice… I’ve simply run out of white bricks. Also, the shot I’m using this set for is just a panning shot with him walking from his bedroom door across to the table. So if I’m careful it shouldn’t actually be that hard.



    If you have enough tiles, you can put a layer on top of your walls, then have your ceiling 1 stud wider than it needs to be and put a layer of bricks round the outside so it slots onto the walls snugly. That way, you can lift the roof off to animate and put it back in exactly the right position.

    A bit like this:

    Nice newspaper, btw. 🙂



    Good idea Buxton. I don’t have the white plates I’d need to do it like that, but I can take a similar approach with the upside down white baseplates I’m currently using. just stick some bricks on in the right position… Thanks!

    Like I said; if all goes well I won’t even need to animate under the roof, but that’s a nice idea to keep for a ceiling.

    And the newspaper; I couldn’t resist! 😀 You were the first to inspire me, and I liked how you did the same in OOT.

    Here’s the newspaper graphic. I’ll just make it known that I stole that newspaper layout from Buxton, as well as the idea (but he’s a cool guy, he won’t sue me, I hope ;))

    Referencing a couple of other stop motion films that inspired me.



    hi Sean!

    wow! that set looks really good! 🙂
    Really great detail!

    Keep up the good work! 😀




    I managed to scrape up some more white pieces, so the wall’s all good and I don’t need a ceiling.
    When I went to animate, I had big problems getting the lighting set up. I only have one desk lamp, and lighting is a real issue. So my entire night was spent trying to set up lighting and I didn’t get any animating done. I didn’t get the lighting right, either.



    Hehe, I’m honored. 🙂

    That’s too bad. I would definitely recommend investing in a second desk lamp if you can find one for cheap.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 41 total)

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