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    I have just got audacity and he help section is very confusing
    So I have to ask sombody and like normal I thought of the the braniacs in the brick film forums.
    I have loads of questoins but one inpaticular:How do you change voice pitch
    also has anybody made a tutorial on this if so can some body make a link




    Choose the Effect menu, then select Change Pitch.



    Where is the effect button ❓



    “Dan” wrote: Choose the Effect menu, then select Change Pitch.

    There was no mention of a button.



    The effects are in the effects menu. Just click on ‘Effects’ and go down. It will give you a long list of all the possible effects available.
    [spoiler=Change Pitch ][/spoiler]
    In the next menu you will see lots of options. You can use the drop down menu’s (as in the picture below) or even easier, use the slider (red arrow).
    IMPORTANT! You will need to select a section before any of the effects become available:
    [spoiler=Make a selection][/spoiler]
    You can make a selectio by clicking anywhere in the timeline and dragging. Or click on the far left of the timeline and it will select the entire piece. If you have nothing selected, none of the options are available.

    If you don’t like what was done, just hit ‘undo’ under edit. You can keep making changes and going back to the start, but only as long as you have enough RAM. Always use “export as” instead of “save”, that way you will keep the original info if you want to try something different later.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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