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    Jack Prost

    Hey Everyone,
    I posted this one a while back, it’s called “Becoming You”. Originally, this was for a Computer Studies Class project, there was actually a story behind this trailer, but when everybody saw it, they said it was like Face/Off, so I decided to might as well make it as a Spoof of Face/Off.

    Becoming You

    Scene from “Becoming You”

    And for those who wanted to see some of my Live Action films, I will post two here. I only posted the INTRO of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” because the rest is too long. It was made back in June last year. “The Lovely Girl” is actually my Directing Debut since it is the first of my Live Action films that has actually been released to the public. It won Best Film, in Vancouver and will be sent out to all schools in Canada as an educational resource plus put on MUCHMUSIC as a commercial. I posted it here before, but the link wasn’t working. It is now!

    A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    Clip from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

    The Lovely Girl

    A Behind the Scenes shot

    If you guys want to see more or be a part of a Live Action Filming community, I have a forum which has already some people in it which you can visit! We have actors and actresses, composers, and directors! Since this place is strictly just for Brickfilming, I encourage anybody who is intertested in acting or directing, or even composing to come to my forum!

    J. Prost



    As a nice free service for the brick community, Brickshelf has saved a lot of time and effort by allowing pictures and other media having to deal with…bricks. “Burying” your files deep within your directory does not hide your live action films. Also, you’re sucking bandwidth from a site reserved for brick aficianados.

    I hope you move your files elsewhere, as they will only be deleted by the mods down the road. A simple solution: If you compress your files even further, a free account on angelfire or geocities should hold you with all but the most highest traffic demands (their bandwidth amounts are easily reached). Or, you could pay the 5 or 6 bucks a month for storage space on a server to make a webpage linking to your movies.

    Trying to save you some aggravation in the future…

    EDIT: Your trailer needs to be compressed a bit more, as 10 MB for 1 min of a rotating pan is a bit out of modem users reach.




    I have the exact same tripod! 😮

    The trailers look promising.Hope to see the future films soon. 8)



    oh jacky when will you learn not to post your live action peoples movies on brickshelf? The mods here must have told you about 1000 times. No one cares about live action movies. So why don’t you smell the coffee and post them somewhere else?


    kowarama skip

    where else shall shall we place them? Geekshelf?! That no longer exists

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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